Global Health Training

There are several opportunities for ID fellows to obtain clinical and/or research experiences in Tropical Medicine and HIV-AIDS care in resource-limited countries.
Established sites are the following:

1. Beira, Mozambique. In collaboration with the Catholic University of Mozambique (UCM), our HIV/AIDS Program has just completed the construction of a training center. Peter Millard, MD, MPH, is the clinical director of this training center located on the grounds of the UCM campus. Its mission is to provide integrated health care (including HIV, TB and malaria) and “hands on training” for health care workers in Mozambique and medical students of UCM. The clinic opened its doors in 2008.

2. Manila, the Philippines. The Philippine General Hospital (PGH) of the University of the Philippines is a very large hospital with excellent training opportunities in tropical diseases. The PGH Infectious Diseases staff is closely linked to the Philippine National Institutes of Health with interests in HIV and schistosomiasis (Dr. Edsel Salvana), TB (Dr. Raul Destura) and Neglected Tropical Diseases (Vicente Belizario, MD, MTMH).

Other possible opportunities exist in Lilongwe, Malawi (malaria, TB, HIV), Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia (ESBL, KPC, ACAT), and Palermo, Italy (HCV, solid organ transplant infectious diseases).

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