How vinyl chloride, chemical released in the Ohio train derailment, can damage the liver – it’s used to make PVC plastics

DOM faculty member Juliane Beier, PhD, provides expert insight about the dangers of vinyl chloride

Pitt lands $14.3 million for research linking dementia and cardiovascular disease

Funded by the WoodNext Foundation, researchers will use an interdisciplinary approach to uncover the causes of two of the most costly and deadly illnesses in the U.S.

Three junior faculty in the Department of Medicine honored by the ASCI for their commitment to research

Drs. Cary Boyd-Shiwarski and Mark Snyder have been awarded ASCI Young Physician-Scientist Awards while Dr. Richard Ramonell has been named a recipient of the Emerging-Generation Award.

Groundbreaking new study by Dr. Warren Shlomchik et al provides new avenues for treatment in graft-versus-host disease

The paper, published in Immunity, showed that GVHD is maintained by donor T cells that seed those tissues soon after transplant and not by the continual recruitment of T cells from the blood as previously thought.

Second annual awardees of the KARAT Catalytic Grants announced

Thirteen junior faculty from across the Department of Medicine have received awards to facilitate their transition to R-level funding.

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