Best Doctors 2016

We applaud the outstanding leadership of our 2016 Best Doctors.

Back Row (from left): Dennis McNamara, MD , David Schwartzman, MD , Steven Reis, MD

Middle Row (from left): Rabih Chaer, MD , Steven Leers, MD , Samir Saba, MD , Michael Fallert, MD , William Follansbee, MD , Michael Mathier, MD

Front Row (from left): A.J. Conrad Smith, MD , Victor Morell, MD , Joon Lee, MD , Michel Makaroun, MD , Michael Singh, MD , Prem Soman, MD, PhDThomas Gleason, MD

Not pictured: Vivek Allada, MD , Gaurav Arora, MD , Lee Beerman, MD , Neil Christie, MD , Stacey Drant, MD , Brian Feingold, MD , Daniel Forman, MD , Jacqueline Kreutzer, MD , Lizabeth Lanford, MD , James Luketich, MD , Richard Orr, MD , Matthew Schuchert, MD , Lawrence Wei, MD

About UPMC Top Doctors:

More than 530 UPMC physicians have been named as a 2016 “Best Doctor” in 77 areas of expertise. The list was compiled by Best Doctors® and derived from the Best Doctors in America® database, which includes the names and profiles of more than 50,000 of the best doctors in the United States.

An exhaustive peer review determines the physicians included in the database. Doctors cannot buy listings. Only those who earn the consensus support of their peers, as well as meet additional qualification criteria, are included.

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