Cardiovascular Fellowship Training Program

Current Fellows  |  July 2020 – June 2021

First Year Fellows

Adipong Brickshawana, MD, PhD

MD, Vanderbilt University, 2017
Residency, Montefiore Medical
Center (Moses-Weiler) / Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2020

Chad Kosanovich, MD

MD, Georgetown University, 2017
Residency, UPMC, 2020


Tanmay Gokhale, MD, PhD

MD, Duke University, 2018
Residency, Duke University, 2020


Anna LaRosa, MD

MD, University of Wisconsin, 2016
Residency, UPMC, 2019



Sae Kyoung Jang, MD

MD, University of Pittsburgh, 2017
Residency, Mayo Clinic Rochester, 2020



Jared Romeo, DO

DO, University of New England, 2016
Residency, UPMC, 2019



Neil Kelly, MD, PhD

MD, University of Pittsburgh, 2016
Residency, UPMC, 2020


Kayle Shapero, MD, PhD

MD, Tuft’s University, 2017
Residency, Yale University, 2020




Second Year Fellows

Michael J. Bashline, MD

MD, Temple University, 2016
Residency, UPMC, 2019


Agnes Koczo, MD

MD, Virginia Commonwealth, 2015
Residency, UPMC, 2018


Ann Canterbury, MD

MD, University of Toledo, 2016
Residency, UPMC, 2019


Ivan N. Mugisha, MD

MD, University of Illinois, 2015
Residency, Washington University, 2018


Michael W. Gardner, MD

MD, University of Arkansas, 2016
Residency, Oregon Health and Science University, 2019


Ricardo A. Nieves, MD

MD, University of Pittsburgh, 2016
Residency, UPMC, 2019


Allexa A. Hammond, MD

MD, Baylor College of Medicine, 2016
Residency, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, 2019


Natalie R. Stokes, MD

MD, University of Pennsylvania, 2016
Residency, University of Pennsylvania, 2019


Third Year Fellows

Stephen T. Broughton, MD

MD, University of Arkansas, 2015
Residency, Wake Forest, 2018


Anum Saeed, MBBS

MBBS, Ziauddin Medical College, 2011
Residency, Alpert Medical School, Brown University, 2016
Residency, Baylor College of Medicine, 2018


Abdallah A. Bukari, MD

MD, University of Pennsylvania, 2014
Residency, University of Chicago, 2017


Daniel L. Shpilsky, MD

MD, Temple University, 2015
Residency, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2018


Rebecca F. Lolley, MD

MD, Thomas Jefferson University, 2014
Residency, University of Maryland, 2018


Daniel G. Wann, MD

MD, East Tennessee State University, 2015
Residency, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, 2018


Vinaya C. Mulkareddy, MD

MD, St. Louis University, 2015
Residency, Barnes Jewish Hospital (WUSTL), 2018


Adil A. Yunis, MD

Medical School, Boston University – 2014
Residency, Boston University – 2017


Jonathan P. Pollock, MD

MD, Pennsylvania State University, 2014
Residency, Wright State University, 2017


Advanced Cardiovascular Fellows

Vishal Jitendra Dahya, MD
Interventional Cardiology

MD, Florida State, 2014
Residency, Florida State, 2017
Cardiology Fellowship, Summa Health/Northeast Ohio Medical University, 2020

Amr Barakat, MD

MD, Ain Shams University, 2009
Residency, Cleveland Clinic, 2017
Cardiology Fellowship, UPMC, 2020

Amber Makani, MD
Interventional Cardiology

MD, West Virginia University, 2014
Residency, Case Western Reserve, 2017
Cardiology Fellowship, UPMC, 2020

Lane Zhang, MD

MD, Emory University, 2014
Residency, Winthrop University, 2017
Cardiology Fellowship, Albany Medical Center, 2020

Charles Nicolais, MD
Advanced Interventional Cardiology

MD, George Washington School of Medicine, 2012
Residency, Temple University, 2015
Cardiology Fellowship, Temple University, 2019

Ashritha Penagaluri, MBBS
Electrophysiology – 2ND YEAR

MD, KVG Medical College 2011
Residency, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, 2015
Cardiology Fellowship, Icahn School of Medicine, St. Luke’s Hospital, 2019

Carly Fabrizio, MD
Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant (PUH)

MD, Rowan University, 2014
Cardiology Fellowship, Christiana Care Health System, 2020

Arun Iyer, MD
Advanced Cardiac Imaging

MD, Medical University of Soouth Carolina, 2014
Residency, Case Western Reserve, 2017
Cardiology Fellowship, UPMC, 2020

Syed Bukhari, MD

MD, Allama Iqbal Medical College, 2013
Residency, UPMC McKeesport, 2019

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