Education and Training

PostDoctoral Training Program (PDTP) (Non-Clinical)

Led by Drs. Iain Scott and Sruti Shiva, the DOM PostDoctoral Training Program (PDTP) was established to provide enhanced career development and community building for postdoctoral fellows in the Department of Medicine. The PDTP offers: (1) specific seminars targeted to the postdoctoral community in the DOM, (2) individual career development counselling for each postdoctoral fellow in the DOM, and (3) networking and engagement events for the entire community of postdoctoral fellows and their mentors.

Programs available to postdoctoral trainees across the Department of Medicine include journal clubs to discuss current publications; Research-in-Progress conferences; an Academic Survival Skill Course, which familiarizes postdocs with the non-scientific skills required to pursue and succeed in an academic career; Grant Writing Workshops, which teach the fundamentals of writing a grant application and guides trainees as they put together their first grant; and Milestone Meetings, during which Directors from the program meet with the trainee and their mentor to develop an individual development plan (IDP) and discuss career development strategies.

Moreover, the PDTP will help trainees identify which departmental training grants or fellowship opportunities are available or appropriate to support their training.