Administrative Staff

Margie Jones

GME Department Manager
Assistant to Drs. Aggarwal, Lienesch, Mohan, Oddis
Fellows, Residents and Medical Students
BST South S705A

Kim Reynolds

Administrative Coordinator
Assistant to Division Administrator Mike Guercio and Drs.  Birru-Talabi, Coca, Fuschiotti, Liang, Noaiseh, Peoples, Tilstra
BST South S725A

Linda Sadej

Administrative Assistant to Drs. Ascherman, Biswas, Domsic, Gaffen, Lafyatis, McGeachy, Medsger (Emeritus), Moghadam-Kia
BST South S724A

Lauren Zufall

Administrative Manager
Assistant to Drs. Moreland and Hwang
BST South S711A

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