Day-Of Presenter Information

From the submitted abstracts, day-of presenters will be assigned as a plenary presenter or poster presenter.

Please Note: This year’s events will take place at the Pitt University Club. All presenters (plenary and poster) must present in-person. Attendees have the option of participating in-person or virtually.

Plenary Presenters

On the day of the event, you will have ten (10) minutes to present and five (5) minutes for a Q&A session with attendees. Plenary presenters are required to be in-person and available during the session to which they are assigned. You should have no more than 1 PowerPoint slide per minute (i.e. 10 slides for a 10 minute presentation) and animations should only be used if necessary. If you choose to use them, Pitt and UPMC PowerPoint templates have been provided below for your convenience. Based on your assignment as a plenary presenter, you will not need to prepare a poster.

Final PPT presentations are due from plenary presenters on April 3, 2023.

Poster Presenters

Each poster presenter will be required to prepare a physical poster that they will present at the Pitt University Club during the event. Final posters should be submitted as a PDF file and sent to All physical posters will be scored by 3 judges, and poster presenters are required to be in-person and available during the 2-hour poster session to which they are assigned. Your poster will also be available in the virtual platform for virtual attendee viewing only – attendees will not have the ability to interact with presenters via the virtual format.

The Department of Medicine has arranged for poster printing again this year, free of charge to you and your division. We have provided templates for you to use in preparing a poster, below, and highly encourage you to use them. The page layout dimensions are 18″ high x 31″ wide. The final display poster will be 36″ high x 62″ wide. The final PDF will be printed at 200%, so high-resolution figures/graphs are optimal. You are encouraged to have your mentor provide a final review prior to submitting it for printing as no printer’s proof will be provided. Existing posters from a previous national meeting will be accepted pending size determination. Please email with the existing poster dimensions for confirmation that it will be acceptable.

Final poster PDF’s are due from poster presenters on April 3, 2023.