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Event Contact

Jenna Ferguson, MPA, MA
Executive Communications Manager

Future Dates

April 24-25, 2023
April 29-30, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Research Day Information

What is the Department of Medicine Research Day?

Our event showcases plenary, oral and poster presentations to highlight the breadth and depth of current research being conducted by our clinical residents, junior faculty, fellows, graduate students, and trainees. This year, Katrina Armstrong, MD, MSCE, Jackson Professor at Harvard Medical School, and Physician-in-Chief, Department of Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, will join us as our guest speaker.


Who can participate in the event?

Anyone working in the University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine.


Why is the event going to be held virtually rather than in-person?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our anticipated requirements to maintain “social distancing,” the Department of Medicine has made the decision to offer Research Day virtually this year. Our goal for the virtual event is to continue to offer our presenters, judges, and attendees a safe environment to celebrate the research being conducted in the department.


Is attending Research Day virtually the only option?



When is Research Day 2021 Virtual?

Research Day will take place on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, from 9:00am-3:00pm – the site and virtual poster hall will be open until 5:00pm.

Registration Information

Do I need to register?

Yes, everyone participating in, and attending, Research Day will need to register with their individual email address. You will not be able to access the event site on the day-of without being registered.


How do I register?

Visit the event site at: Upon arriving at the site, click the blue ‘Register’ button and follow the prompts. 


 How much does it cost to attend?

  • Research Day is free to attend.
Virtual Platform Information

What is a virtual conference?

A virtual event is an event that you can attend from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or wherever else you can think of, through your personal laptop or desktop computer.


What virtual platform will you be using?

We will be using the Accelevents platform to host this year’s event. It is a microsite and desktop application which will contain all the content, presentations, and communications you will need to fully experience Research Day. You will access the site, using the email and password that you registered with, via the Google Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop computer.


What system requirements and technology will I need to attend?

  • Desktop or Laptop Computer with Speakers
  • Google Chrome Web Browser
  • Internet Connection


Can I remote into my work computer to access the event?

You should not access the event via a remote computer connection since doing so does not allow you to enable your speakers.


The virtual platform will offer the following – the ability to:

  • Participate in all Research Day activities via one centralized site.
  • Edit your profile and view the profiles of presenters and attendees.
  • Engage in conversations with presenters and attendees.
  • Visit the virtual poster hall.
  • Brush up on the core research that is taking place in the department.


How do I access Research Day on the day of the event?

On Research Day, click here:  to access the event site via the Google Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop computer. Upon arriving at the landing page, click the blue ‘Enter Event’ button and log in using the email and password you registered with.


What should I do if I forgot my password?

If you need to reset your password, please click ‘Login’ in the top right corner of the event landing page and click ‘Forgot Password’ in the lower right corner of the pop-up log in window. Please note that event staff does not have the ability to look up or reset your password.


If I need assistance on the day of, is there someone I can contact?

Yes! If you need assistance on the day of, please email: We will respond as quickly as possible.


My screen seems to be frozen, what should I do?

If your screen is frozen, simply click the refresh button in the top left of your browser.

Day-Of Event Information

Where do I view the schedule for the event?

Once you are logged into the Accelevents website, you will be able to view the schedule by navigating to the “Event Lobby” tab on the left and clicking “Agenda.”


Is the event live or pre-recorded?

Research Day is a completely live event.


Do I have to pre-register for the sessions I plan to attend?

No. At the time of the session, simply click the blue ‘Join’ button to view the live session on your screen.


I clicked the blue ‘Join’ button, but I received an error message. What do I do?

If you receive an error message upon clicking the blue ‘Join’ button, it means the presentation has not yet been started by the session moderator. Simply click ‘retry’ and, if the presentation has been started, you will see the live session appear on your screen. Please note that moderators will not begin sessions before the time indicated on the agenda.


How do I submit a question to the presenters during their session?

Except for the oral presentations, where questions are only open to judges and special guests, all plenary and guest speaker sessions are open to questions from attendees. Once the session begins, you will be able to submit questions directly via the chat box on the right side of the screen. The session moderator will facilitate Q&A at the assigned time and read the submitted questions aloud.


Can I interact with poster hall presenters during the event?

Yes! When arriving at a poster presenters booth, you will see a chat box on the right side of the screen with their name. This is their individual chat box, and its purpose is to facilitate dialogue between you and the presenter. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions throughout the day. Poster presenters will respond to attendee posts until the hall closes at 5:00pm.


Can I interact with other attendees during the event?

Yes! The event lobby, and each individual session, will have a chat box available for attendees to interact with each other throughout the day.


Will it be possible to access the site and presentation after Research Day?

Unfortunately, since Research Day is a completely live event, the site will not be accessible once the event has ended.

CME Information

Can I earn continuing education credits for attending?

Yes, we do provide continuing education credits for the plenary and guest speaker sessions.


How many continuing education credits can I earn?

You may earn up to 3 continuing education credits for attending the plenary and guest speaker sessions.  


How do I claim credit for attending this live event?

You will claim credit for Research Day the same way you do for weekly Medicine Grand Rounds presentations. At the beginning of each plenary session, and the guest speaker session, a slide will be shown with the text code you should use to record your attendance. You will have until by 5:00pm on Research Day to submit for credit.


Who do I contact if I have additional questions about claiming continuing education credits?

Please contact the CCEHS office at or 412-647-8232.