Patient Care

Working closely with the team of Transplant Surgeons and a staff of Midlevel Providers and Coordinators, the division offers comprehensive short- and long-term care of kidney and pancreas transplant patients. Our transplant center offers a number of options for patients: Deceased Donor, Living Donor, donor exchange, and altruistic donor programs for kidney and liver transplantation as well as combined kidney with pancreas, liver, and heart transplantation.
The Transplant Nephrology Team provides direct and consultative care, in both inpatient and outpatient settings; encompassing pre-transplant evaluation, wait list management, care prior to and after transplant, and short-term and long-term management of renal transplant patients. Comprehensive management includes:

  • Immunosuppressive management
  • Medical management
  • Prevention and management of acute and chronic rejection
  • Prevention and management of opportunistic infection
  • Prevention and management of malignancy
  • Renal biopsy and interpretation
Division of Renal-Electrolyte Academic Offices

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