UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Clinic

The UPMC Hypertension Clinic is a unique, multidisciplinary clinic designed to achieve the best treatment of blood pressure in people with severe or difficult-to-treat high blood pressure, or disorders associated with highly variable blood pressure. Care provided through the UPMC Hypertension Clinic includes a thorough evaluation of possible causes of high blood pressure, including familial (genetic) causes, environmental causes, and medical causes, including abnormalities of the blood vessels or the hormonal system. Life-style factors that can influence blood pressure are closely examined, including nutrition and exercise habits.

Patients are evaluated by a registered nutritionist specializing in diets that can lower blood pressure independently of medication.  Individuals seen in clinic also meet with a pharmacist specializing in blood pressure control to review medication history and to ensure that they are being prescribed the minimum number and most appropriate medications for control of blood pressure.

Patients are taught the best methods to self-monitor blood pressure at home, to ensure that blood pressures are healthy outside of the doctor’s office.  Treatment plans are individualized for all patients with the goals of achieving the best health possible, with the fewest possible medications, side effects, and costs.

Who we are:

Matthew F. Muldoon, MD, MPH (Clinic Director)
Dr. Muldoon is trained internal medicine and clinical pharmacology and has directed hypertension centers elsewhere over the past 25 years prior to opening of the UPMC Hypertension Clinic in 2013. He is Professor of Medicine, Psychology and Epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and his research examines how health behaviors, the brain and environment all contribute to the development of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Evan C. Ray, MD PhD
Dr. Ray is board certified in internal medicine and nephrology (kidney disorders) and has worked with patients with difficult to treat hypertension since 2014. In addition to his clinical work with patients with abnormal blood pressure, Dr. Ray works with patients with chronic kidney disease, many of whom have high blood pressure.  In the laboratory, Dr. Ray earned his PhD studying electrolyte physiology at the University of Pennsylvania. He is actively seeking to understand the factors that influence excretion of sodium by the kidney and how that influences blood pressure.

Kelly Junker, PharmD
Dr. Junker is a clinical pharmacist who has worked with UPMC since 2004 and the Heart and Vascular Institute since 2014. She specializes in outpatient cardiovascular care, specifically management of clotting disorders and high blood pressure.  She is available for consultation in person or via phone regarding all aspects of medication therapy. Dr. Junker received her BA in biology from Kenyon College and her PharmD from The University of Pittsburgh.

Mark Dinga, MEd, RD, LDN
Mark Dinga has been a Registered Dietitian at UPMC since 1981 and specializes in heart healthy diets (low sodium, high potassium and fiber).  He provides individual counseling for patients with high blood pressure and other conditions treated with diet modification. Mark received his BS in Dietetics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, completed a Dietetic Internship at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, and received a MEd in Health Education from Penn State University.

Who might benefit from referral to the UPMC Hypertension Clinic?

  • Individuals with either severe or difficult to treat hypertension
  • Individuals in whom a specific cause of high blood pressure is suspected, such as those with abnormalities of blood vessels or hormones that contribute to increased blood pressure
  • Individuals with additional medical diagnoses that make treating blood pressure difficult or more important
  • Individuals with highly variable blood pressure, particularly upon standing (orthostatic hypotension)

Where we are located:
120 Lytton Ave. (Next to the Wyndham Hotel)
Suite 1B
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Contact number for appointments:
1-800-533-UPMC (800-533-8762)
Ask to make an appointment with the Hypertension Clinic.

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