DOM Guiding Framework for Promotion and Tenure

DOM Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee:
Structure and Processes

Structure (Appointment by Chair)

Chair – Dr. Fred DeRubertis, M.D.

Co-Chair – DOM Vice-Chair for Faculty Development (Dr. Ora Weisz, Ph.D.)

Other 11 Members of Committee:

    • 1 member from each division + 1 VMI member
    • Majority of committee to be tenured
    • Representation from Clinical-Investigator and Clinical-Educator pathways
    • Representation from PhD faculty
    • Representation from women and minority faculty
    • Meet monthly by teleconference and face-to-face two times per year
    • Primary reviewer (reads entire portfolio; interviews Division Chief face-to-face; gains assurance of no ethical or misconduct issues) and two secondary reviewers (read entire portfolio) for each applicant
    • All committee members expected to be familiar with portfolio of each candidate
    • Division Chief to present case for faculty promotion to full committee by teleconference or in-person
    • Every committee member votes (exception: only tenured members of the committee can vote on conferral of tenure).
    • Primary reviewer writes one-paragraph overview of committee discussion for feedback to Chair, and then, if appropriate, provides for dissemination to Division Chief and faculty candidate (mainly relevant for requests that are not supported by the Committee).
Appointments and Terms

Appointment to the Committee will be made by the Chair.

It is expected that committee members will serve at least a two-year term with a five year maximum (excluding Chair and Co-Chair).