DOM Guiding Framework for Promotion and Tenure

DOM Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee:
Faculty Development Committee


Chair – DOM Vice-Chair for Faculty Development (Dr. Ora Weisz)

    • Other 12 members of the DOM Appointments and Promotions Committee
    • Activities of the Faculty Development Committee will take place as part of the monthly Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee meetings
    • Committee will review progress of all Assistant Professors in tenure stream:
      • PhDs will be reviewed at years 1 and 3 of tenure appointment
      • MDs will be reviewed at years 2 and 5 of tenure appointment (note: the five year review will be part of the SOM requirement for mid-course review of clinical tenure candidates)
    • One committee member (from outside the faculty members Division) will review CV and report to committee
    • Reviewer writes one paragraph overview of faculty member progress for feedback to Chair, Division Chief and faculty candidate
    • Reviewer can meet face-to-face with faculty member if recommended by the Faculty Development Committee