Executive Vice Chairs

Michael Donahoe, MD

Executive Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

Assistant: Tiffany Rocco

Christopher O’Donnell, PhD

Executive Vice Chair for Academic Affairs

Assistant: Katie Nauman

Vice Chairs

Jennifer A. Corbelli, MD, MS

Vice Chair, Education

Assistant: TBN

Oliver Eickelberg, MD

Vice Chair, Basic and Translational Research

Assistant: Stacie Truszkowski

Kathleen M. McTigue, MD, MPH, MS

Vice Chair for Real World Evidence (RWE)

Assistant: Annamarie Turner

Jason J Rose, MD, MBA

Associate Vice Chair for Innovation and Commercialization

Assistant: Cindy Hatfield

Patrick J. Strollo Jr., MD

Vice Chair, Veterans Affairs

Assistant: Lisa Sinay

Ora Weisz, PhD

Vice Chair, Faculty Development

Assistant: Karen Steffey Dicks