NIH U54 leads to creation of TriState SenNet Tissue Mapping Center

Led by Drs. Toren Finkel and Melanie Königshoff, the TriState SenNet TMC combines the expertise of faculty from Pitt, CMU, OSU, and URMC to develop a high-resolution map of the senescent cell population in the human lung and heart, define the physiological drivers of senescence, and provide a rational approach to understand the therapeutic potential of senolytic therapy.

Kambez H. Benam develops new robot to simulate vaping effects

To better understand potential damage that emerging vaping products may have on human lungs, Dr. Benam and his team have created a first-in-kind biologically inspired robotic system that quantitatively analyzes submicron and microparticles generated from electronic cigarettes in real-time while mimicking clinically relevant breathing and vaping topography exactly as happens in humans.

NIDDK U01 multidisciplinary grant awarded to DOM faculty for an AKI scientific and data research center

This cross-divisional collaboration among Drs. Kaleab Abebe, Linda Fried, and Paul Palevsky will support the Caring for OutPatiEnts after Acute Kidney Injury (COPE-AKI) Consortium, which develops and tests interventions to reduce morbidity among high-risk patients with moderate or severe acute kidney injury.

The Aging Institute’s Bill Chen, PhD, identifies drugs that could combat COVID-19 mutations

In a recent Nature Communications article, the Chen lab discuss how a high-throughput screen could be used to identify FDA-approved compounds that may resist SARS-CoV-2 infection.


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Dr. Jennifer Corbelli Appointed Vice Chair for Education

Dr. Jennifer Corbelli Appointed Vice Chair for Education

Dr. Corbelli has been committed to clinical, educational and leadership excellence and has a passion for mentorship. We are excited to have Dr. Corbelli’s leadership in her new Vice-Chair role; she has the skills, leadership and enthusiasm for her new position.

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