Innovative Clinician Educator Track

The Innovative Clinician Educator track within the Pulmonary and Critical Care fellowship training program is designed for trainees who desire a career as an educator in academic medicine. Our mission is to develop leaders in pulmonary and critical care medical education with a focus on scholarly development, mentored teaching, development of a clinical expertise, and involvement with pulmonary and critical care medical education nationally.

Scholarly Development

Clinician Educator fellows will be expected to demonstrate scholarly productivity through original research and/or scholarly writing, development of new curricula, educational software/videos, web-based educational content, new assessment tools. We encourage the education fellow to think broadly about what constitutes scholarly productivity as an educator and seek ways to share education advancements with the field, including attendance and participation in national conferences as discussed below.

Mentored Teaching

Clinical Educator fellows will have guaranteed teaching opportunities at all levels. First, they will teach for the medical school second year pulmonary course as a small group leader. Second, they will have time to teach a topic of their choosing at internal medicine resident conference. Finally, they will have time to teach a topic of their choosing at the pulmonary and critical care core conference. Each of these teaching opportunities will be accompanied by direct observation and feedback by one of our educators. As the fellow progresses, they will observe and provide feedback to others using this system.

Clinical Expertise

Clinical Educator fellows are strongly encouraged to develop an area of clinical expertise. Part of our mission is to provide you with the additional training you need to become an expert in your area of choice. Your  teaching focus as discussed above should map onto this area of clinical expertise. We will develop an individualized clinical training program for the second half of your fellowship that compliments your goals as a clinician and an educator.

National Conference Involvement

Clinical Educator fellows will attend and participate in national conferences including the American Thoracic Society Annual International Conference. In addition to presenting their scholarly work, they will also have a mentored experience that includes involvement and networking with the Section on Medical Education. The fellow will receive guidance on participating in the ATS mentoring program, apprenticeship program, and participating in committees and working groups. The fellow is also encouraged to identify and attend a smaller conference focused on their individual career path. One such option that we encourage is The Association of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Program Directors annual meeting.

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