Allergy and Immunodeficiency Disorders

The Allergy and Inflammation clinical program provides comprehensive care for patients with complex allergic airways disorders. The program has working collaborations with the UPMC Voice Center, UPMC Sinus and Allergy Center, and the Digestive Disorders Center at UPMC to provide advanced specialty care for patients with laryngeal dyskinesia, sinus and upper airway disease, and gastroesophogeal reflux. Dr. Andrej Petrov leads a comprehensive outpatient clinical program for patients with allergic disorders.

Conditions We Treat

The Comprehensive Allergy-Immunology Clinic at the UPMC Comprehensive Lung Center (CLC) specializes in:

  • Severe Urticaria and Angioedema
  • Rapid desensitization protocol for allergies
  • Desensitization to medications (e.g. Penicillin)
  • Novel immunosuppressive treatments
  • Drug allergies
  • Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Translational and Clinical Research

Current industry-sponsored clinical trials include:

Principal Investigator
NCT01361178 Immunoglobulin Levels and Occurrence of Infections After Lung Transplantation and Impact of IgG Replacement Andrej Petrov, MD

Key Publications

Traister RS, Fajt ML, Landsittel D, Petrov A. A Novel Scoring System to Distinguish Vocal Cord Dysfunction from Asthma. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology-In Practice. 2014;2:65-69

Traister RS, Fajt ML, Whitman-Purves E, Anderson WC, Petrov AA. A retrospective analysis comparing subjects with isolated and coexistent vocal cord dysfunction and asthma. Allergy Asthma Proc. 2013 Jul;34(4):349-55

T. Shankar, J. Gribowicz, M. Crespo, F.P. Silveira, J. Pilewski, A.A. Petrov Subcutaneous IgG replacement therapy is safe and well tolerated in lung transplant recipients. International Immunopharmacology

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