Lorraine Matteo Pollini, has been selected as one of two 2021 winners of the University Staff Professional Development Award.

University of Pittsburgh Staff Council established this award in honor of Ronald W. Frisch, to celebrate the tenure of Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources Ronald Frisch, who retired from the University in 2016. This fund and the associated annual award supports Pitt staff members who wish to supplement their job training and acumen through professional development opportunities. Awards from this fund help eligible staff to defray the costs of tuition, professional conferences, workshops, training, and other opportunities necessary to continue career advancement.

Lorraine was chosen as a recipient of the award by a panel comprised of rotating Staff Council members, regional campus representatives, and an Office of Human Resources representative. Lorraine has built upon on her editorial skills and communication effectiveness for the Division Chief’s office, specifically with presentations, manuscript submissions, grant preparations, and ad hoc academic editorial content as required, handling close to 150-200 high-level academic submissions annually. She has been assigned an increasingly complex volume of administrative functions and editorial functions and has worked to increase her editorial skills to meet the demands of the Chief’s expanding academic portfolio.

Lorraine will receive $350 to use toward her examination registration for the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS) certification. BELS mission is “to maintain and promote a proficiency in editing in the life sciences.” The Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS) certification will be highly beneficial to furthering Lorraine’s expertise in the editorial functions of her position within the ID Division.

Please join us in congratulating Lorraine!