Ryan K. Shields, PharmD, MS will begin his role as Co-Director of PUH Antimicrobial Management Program on July 1, 2019. Ryan joined our AMP program 10 years ago, first as an AMP resident under the tutelage of Dr. Brian Potoski then as a Research Fellow under the tutelage of Drs. Neil Clancy and M. Hong Nguyen. From there, he quickly rose through the ranks of Instructor, Assistant and most recently Associate Professor of Medicine. He has taken full advantage of his KL2 at the University of Pittsburgh, then a KO8 from the NIH to develop into an independent researcher in antibiotic PK/PD. Ryan’s work on describing our treatment experience with MDR Gram negative bacilli has been nationally recognized. Ryan will finish his K training award in July 2020, and this is an ideal time for him to assume a co-directorship in AMP. We could not find anyone who is more well suited for this position as Ryan.     

Alex Viehman, MD will begin his role as Director of AMP Medical Affairs and Quality Improvement on July 1, 2019. Like Ryan, Alex received his ID fellowship training at UPMC. He joined our ID faculty in July 2015. Alex is an outstanding physician and teacher, and has served as role models for our students, residents and fellows. He received Clinical Educator of The Year Award for 2017 from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Over the years, Alex has increased his involvement with AMP, and currently spends 50% of his clinical time performing impactful QI projects. Two of his projects will be presented at IDWeek this year. 



Please join us in congratulating both Ryan and Alex. Ryan and Alex will help Dr. Nguyen leading the AMP team to excellence in Clinical Care, Education and Research!