Kate Codd-Palmer, MSN, has received UPMC’s Award for Commitment and Excellence in Service (ACES). The ACES Award honors staff whose everyday actions, and in some instances, personal acts of courage and compassion exceed the high level of service that the community has come to expect from UPMC. Each year, less than one percent of UPMC staff from across the health system receives this honor.

Kate is a long-time member of the Infectious Diseases Division. She is a certified registered nurse practitioner (CRNP) specializing in infectious diseases. Kate serves as our Clinic Manager, whose primary role is running the day-to-day operations provided by the Center for Care of Infectious Diseases (CCID).

Kate is passionate about our patients and frequently questions if patients are being treated equitably. She relies on data to help tell the story and works diligently with physicians and team members if she identifies what might be considered health disparities. For example, Kate noticed that of all the patients treated in the clinic with monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for COVID-19, very few appeared to be Black. This caused her to start asking some difficult questions of the process to ensure equity, dignity, and respect. Kate’s compassion for the most vulnerable speaks volumes about her character.

Throughout the pandemic, Kate has volunteered whenever an opportunity presented itself to do something for the good of patients and the betterment of UPMC. She facilitated the operationalization of the convalescent plasma program and provided leadership to fearless and tireless staff who worked with patients recovering from COVID-19. Kate said “yes” to anything asked of her related to COVID studies and clinical trials.

Most recently, Kate worked closely with Department of Medicine leadership to volunteer the CCID outpatient space to treat COVID-positive and high-risk patients with mAbs. She collaborated with many individuals to establish clinical operations and business processes in two weeks’ time by establishing scheduling processes, working with the inpatient pharmacy to secure medications, engaging parking for patients to park after hours, working with infection control for proper equipment and cleaning protocols. She frequently staffed the after-hours clinic herself — administering injections and following up with patients days later to see how they were doing. Kate is a servant leader role model. She is a selfless manager and employee at UPMC who truly cares about our patients and the community. We are fortunate to have Kate as a member of our team.

Congratulations Kate on this well-deserved honor. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!