Past Fellows


Fellowship Years

Position upon Graduation

Reem Alameer, MBBS 2020-2022 King Faisal Hospital as a Transplant Infectious Diseases attending
Eli Goshorn, MD 2020-2022 Rutgers New Jersey Medical School as an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases
Nicolas Marschalk, DO 2019-2021 The Ohio State University
Brandon Smith, MD, PharmD 2019-2021 UPMC
Aaron Lucas, MD 2018-2020 Pittsburgh VA Medical Center
Will Garner, MD 2018-2020 UPMC TID Fellowship
Julia Zefirova, MD, PhD 2018-2020 UPMC
Ahmed Babiker, MD. 2017-2019 Emory
Nupur Gupta, DO 2017-2019 UPMC
Gavin Harris, MD 2017-2019 Center for Disease Control and Prevention Disaster Preparedness Center and Emory
Peter Volpe, MD 2017-2019 UPMC
Rameez Phulpoto, MD 2016-2018 Reading Hospital Tower Health
Mostafa Alfishawy, MD 2016-2018 University of Cairo
Alina Iovleva, MD 2016-present Research – University of Pittsburgh
Nathan Shively, MD 2015-2017 Allegheny Health Network
Mana Rao, MD 2015-2017 Essen Medical Associates, Bronx, NY
Palash Samanta, MD 2015-2018 UPMC
Ghady Haidar, MD 2014-2017 UPMC
Nipun Atri, MD 2014-2016 Gottlieb Memorial Hospital
Yasir Hamad, MD 2014-2016 Washington University School of Medicine
Arcadio Agudelo-Hernandez, MD 2013-2015 Washington Health System
Sarah McBeth, MD 2013-2015 UPMC
Sangeeta Sastry, MD 2013-2015 Virginia Commonwealth University
John Alexander Viehman, MD 2013-2015 UPMC
Reem Almaghrabi, MD 2012-2015 University of Virginia Health System
Gitanjali Pai, MD 2012-2014 Stilwell Memorial Hospital
Zubair Qureshi, MD 2012-2014 Synergy Infectious Diseases Physicians
Thomas Walsh, MD 2012-2014 Allegheny Health Network
Alison Bonow, (Gladys) MD 2011-2013 Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School
Nicole Dalton, (Wheeler) MD 2011-2013 Romano, Pontzer, and Associates
Oveimar De La Cruz, MD 2011-2014 Virginia Commonwealth University
Feiyu Hong, MD 2011-2013 Western Maryland Health System
Jae Ho Hong,  M.D. 2010-2013 Pittsburgh VA Medical Center
Rangolee Arora, M.D. 2010-2012 Medical City Dallas
Yuriko Fukuta (Kono), M.D. 2010-2012 Houston, TX


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