Clinical Training

General ID Clinic – Fellows participate in half-day continuity general ID outpatient clinics for at least 12 months of their training. They have the opportunity to follow up on inpatients discharged on prolonged antibiotics as well as new evaluations for conditions such as latent tuberculosis, Lyme disease, fever of unknown origin, atypical mycobacterial infections etc. Fellows participate in twice weekly didactics on core ID subjects, journal clubs twice a month and also present clinical cases at weekly ID Grand Rounds. Opportunity exists for additional general ID inpatient and outpatient exposure for those wishing to focus their careers in general ID medicine.

Surgical ID Clinic – The Surgical Infectious Disease service focuses on the care of patients on the neurosurgical, orthopedic, cardiothoracic and otorhinolaryngology services. This service was initially designed to provide continuity of care for patients that will require prolonged courses of intravenous antibiotics for their infections. Typical consults include endocarditis, empyema, lung abscess, meningitis, brain abscesses, infections of indwelling intrathecal devices, spinal epidural abscesses, osteomyelitis, infected prostheses, malignant otitis externa, mastoiditis, and perioperative antibiotic choices in complex trauma patients.

Pittsburgh Area Center for Treatment (PACT) – The UPMC HIV/AIDS Program offers comprehensive HIV primary care services to over 1600 HIV-infected adults provided by qualified physicians, psychiatric nurse clinician, HIV pharmacist, nurse practitioner and a physician assistant. On-site care and services include the diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection, treatment of opportunistic infections, hepatitis B and C treatment, adherence counseling, mental health services, HPV-associated cancer screening and treatment in men and women, HIV pharmacologic support, pain management and palliative care specialty services, substance abuse counseling, peer advocacy, medical case management, and support services. All ID fellows attend a half-day continuity HIV clinic, paired with an HIV attending physician, for at least 12 months during their training.

Transplant Infectious Diseases Clinic – In addition to the in-patient TID service, the ID Fellow will have an opportunity to participate in the dedicated TID Clinic that provides pre-transplant evaluations and assessment of infectious risks, vaccinations, evaluation and follow up of recipients with various infectious issues immediately and long-term after transplantation.

Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT) – The OPAT program’s mission is to reduce 30 day readmission rates for patients receiving intravenous antibiotics by improving the overall quality of care these patients receive. Patients are referred to the OPAT program by the inpatient ID services. Various types of infection are managed including skin and soft tissue infections, endocarditis, osteomyelitis, brain abscesses, liver abscesses, and others. With the assistance of an ID trained pharmacist and nurse coordinators, the patients are managed for complications related to their current infection, PICC line issues, adverse events related to antibiotics, and for new infections. Patients are typically scheduled for an outpatient visit within 7 days of hospital discharge. Many patients are evaluated again prior to the discontinuation of the antibiotic. Fellows would have the opportunity to participate in the outpatient management of the patient in the ID Clinic.

VA Clinic – Fellows will participate in half-day clinic for at least 3 months of their training. The VA ID Unit emphasizes the epidemiology, microbiology, treatment, and outcomes of infections affecting older adults. Specific areas of interest include infections acquired in long-term care facilities, nosocomial infections, and multiple antibiotic resistant organisms.

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