Infectious Diseases Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Welcome from the Program Directors:

We are pleased to announce that the Divisions of Infectious Diseases (ID) and the Department of Critical Care Medicine (CCM) are collaborating and launching a new combined 3-year fellowship training program in Infectious Diseases and Critical Care Medicine (ID-CCM). Combined fellowship training in ID and CCM is becoming a recognized national trend as an innovative approach to fostering dual specialized training.

The dually trained specialist in this field will have the expertise to diagnose and manage serious infections appropriately and in a timely manner, resulting in improved outcomes of critically ill patients, and to be well-poised in recognizing and managing serious infectious disease outbreaks and public health crises. Graduates from the ID-CCM training program will be competent in antimicrobial stewardship and in infection prevention and control in the intensive care environment. In addition, graduates will have the in-depth knowledge and technical skills necessary to provide comprehensive care to a broad range of critically ill and injured patients, and to lead an interprofessional team of ICU providers. 

Program Overview:

Dual training in ID-CCM is 3 years in length and requires a minimum of 22 months of clinical training and 14 months of scholarly activity. Over the course of 3 years, the fellow will devote 10 months of clinical training in ID, 2 months of combined ID-CCM clinical rotations, and 10 months of clinical training in different medical, surgical, and specialized (organ-system based)  intensive care units. A fourth year of training would be available pending funding for those fellows interested in a scientist/research career path. 

Upon completion of the 2 years of ID fellowship training, the fellow will be eligible for board certification in ID, and after completion of their CCM training, the fellows are eligible for board certification in CCM.  The ID-CCM fellow will share didactics, journal clubs and other formalized learning opportunities with the fellows in both the ID and CCM fellowship programs.


Residents interested in the combined training in ID-CCM are invited to apply for fellowship training in Infectious Diseases and are asked to specifically state their interests in ID-CCM in their personal statements. Applications are accepted through ERAS.  One fellow will be selected for ID-CCM training beginning in 2021.

Contact information:

Please contact our educational and program coordinator, Ms. Sarah Glenn, at 412-648-6406, or by email at for additional details regarding the standard ID fellowship and the ID CCM training program.

Thank you,


Rima Abdel-Massih, MD
Director, ID Fellowship Programs,

Division of Infectious Diseases





Jason Moore, MD, MS, FCCM
Director, Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Department of Critical Care Medicine

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