Center for AIDS Elimination (CAE)

The Center for AIDS Elimination (CAE), headquartered within the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Pittsburgh, serves the population of residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania currently living with HIV and AIDS. The CAE provides clinical, educational, and scientific research support for the purposes of prevention, treatment and cure of HIV infection and AIDS. Through the combined efforts of innovative laboratory methods, cutting-edge translational research, patient care and public health, the CAE is working diligently toward the goal of finding better means of HIV prevention and treatment, including a functional cure for HIV, with the ultimate goal of ending the epidemic.

The vision for the CAE is to promote excellence in basic and clinical research that is translated into best clinical and public health practices. This goal will be reached by fostering research collaboration, providing training, and promoting public health through a multitude of collaborations as shown in the figure below. An internal grants program funds career development and collaborative studies, and clinical preceptorships promote excellence in patient through the Mid-Atlantic AETC. The CAE hosts a seminar series consisting of outside speakers, ‘think tanks’, and discussions of works in progress. The CAE works in conjunction with AIDS Free Pittsburgh and the Allegheny County Health Department to promote awareness, education, and HIV prevention in the community.

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