Division of



Rina A. Guerrieri, M.Ed.

Director of Operations


Dorothy J. Mann

Office Manager, Division of


Hematology/Oncology Administrative Staff

Victoria Alisasis

Assistant to John Kirwood
Melanoma Grants Admin

412-623-7708 | alisasisva@upmc.edu

Lisa Davis

Assistant to Drs. Brufsky, Jankowitz
Magee Womens Cancer Program

412-641-6500 | Davisla4@upmc.edu

Mary Theresa (Tess) Dujmic

Assistant to Drs. Burgess, Dorritie, Im, and VanLonden
Magee Clinical Research Services

412-641-3494 | dujmicma@upmc.edu

Mary Dulgeroff

Assistant to Drs. Ragni, Seaman
Hemophilia Center of Western PA


Dianna Fennel

Assistant to Drs. Galson, Levina,
Lokshin – UPCI Basic Research

412-623-1114 | pappertfenneld@upmc.edu

Donna Gaspich

Assistant to Dr. Shlomchik

412-383-6960 | gaspichdm@upmc.edu

Lisa Huntley

Assistant to Dr. John Kirkwood
Melanoma Program

412-623-7707 | huntleyl@upmc.edu

Lois Malehorn

Assistant to Dr. Ed Chu, Division Chief
Assistant to Drs. Boyiadzis, Bahary, Krishnamurthy

412-648-6589 | malehornlm@upmc.edu

Kathleen Masterson

Assistant to Drs. Appleman, Lee, Luke, Villaruz, Wozniak


Linda Mazefsky

Assistant for Benign Hematology
Drs. DeCastro, Smith, Woytowitz, Kato, Novelli
Rina Guerrieri

412-648-6466 | mazefskyl2@upmc.edu

Carolyn Miller

Grand Rounds Coordinator
Division Staff Assistant

412-692-2751 | millerc5@upmc.edu

Jana Parks

Assistant to Drs. Drappatz, Lieberman, Parikh

412-692-2600 | jana.parks@pitt.edu

Lynnette Robinson

Assistant to Drs. Redner,
Steinman UPCI Basic Research

412-623-7776 | robinsonlm@upmc.edu

Deborah Small

Assistant to Drs. Kiss, Bontempo
Institute for Transfusion Medicine

412-209-7320 | dmall@itxm.org

Gina Toy-Cutler

Assistant to Dr. Zarour
UPCI Basic Research

412-623-3241 | toyg@upmc.edu

Laurice Vance

Assistant to Dr. Donnenberg
UPCI Basic Research

412-623-1189 | vancela@upmc.edu

Maryann Winkelman

Assistant to Drs. Passero
VA Medical Center



Fellowship Program Manager


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