Medicine Grand Rounds

The Department of Medicine hosts local faculty and outstanding regional or national leaders in their respective fields, who present on a range of topics in weekly grand rounds that represent all of the department’s subspecialties. Each year, the Medicine Grand Rounds schedule offers presentations in a variety of formats. These presentations are designed for our faculty, residents, fellows, other healthcare professionals, and researchers who wish to remain up to date on new science in their field and to encourage collaboration among scientists and physicians. Medicine Grand Rounds are held weekly at 12:00pm in the LHAS auditorium. Attendees can receive CME credit.

Click here to view/watch January-June 2021 presentations.
2021-01-05Anantha Shekhar, MDLeaders in Medicine
Key Goals and Strategies for Advancing Pitt Med to the Next Level of Excellence
2021-01-12Bob Wachter, MDLeaders in Medicine
Healthcare's Digital Revolution: (Finally) A Time for Optimism
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Following the COVID-19 update, join us for a Grand Rounds Leaders in Medicine Series, as we're thrilled to welcome Bob Wachter, MD, Chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco(UCSF), widely considered the father of hospitalist medicine and, indeed, coined the phrase "hospitalist." Dr. Wachter will discuss healthcare's digital revolution, why healthcare has gone digital, and the initial decrease in productivity that accompanied digitalization, also known as the productivity paradox. How can tech can help us "reimagine the work"?
2021-01-19Anna Apostolopoulou, MD
Ali Azeem, MD
Timothy Bober, MD
Saloni Kapoor, MD
Ankit Medhekar, MD
Resident Research Presentations
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  • Dr. Apostolopoulou: Pulmonary aspergillosis complicating non-influenza respiratory viral infections among solid organ transplant recipients
  • Dr. Azeem: Extracellular Volume and Global Longitudinal Strain Both Associate with Outcomes but Correlate Minimally
  • Dr. Bober: Improving Clinical Reasoning in Discharge Summary Documentation via Structured Peer Feedback
  • Dr. Kapoor: Outcomes in Multivessel Coronary Artery Disease stratified by Surgical Risk
  • Dr. Medhekar: Diabetes Mellitus in Mild to Moderate Cardiomyopathy
2021-01-26Mazen El Ali, MD
Georgios Kitsios, MD, PhD
Belinda Rivera-Lebron, MD
Andrej Petrov, MD
PACCM Year in Review
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What's new in the world of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine? Join us to hear exciting practice changing updates from our UPMC experts in COVID19 care, pulmonary hypertension, sleep medicine, and allergy!
2021-02-02Vicky Fraser, MDUpdate on COVID, COVID Vaccine and Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy
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Please join us for DOM Grand Rounds, where we are thrilled to welcome Vicky Fraser, MD, the Chair of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Fraser's career has focused on infectious disease, specifically within HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, and hospital acquired infections. As the world has surpassed 100 million known COVID19 cases and new variants emerge from the UK and South America, widespread vaccination is paramount. Join us as Dr. Fraser discusses emerging science around COVID19, vaccination, and the vaccination hesitancy that persists.
2021-02-09Evan Ray, MD, PhD
Leslie Scheunemann, MD, MPH
Giraldina Trevejo-Nunez, MD
Special K Club
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  • Dr. Ray: Muc-ing around with minerals: the influence of Mucin1 on calcium and magnesium homeostasis
  • Dr. Scheunemann: TeleRecovery: Towards Scalable Transitional Rehabilitation for Older Critical Illness Survivors in Rural Communities
  • Dr. Trevejo-Nunez: Role of Regnase-1 in host immunity against bacterial infections
2021-02-16David Lacomis, MD
Timothy Miller, MD, PhD
Bench to Bedside
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Dr. Lacomis: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: From Bedside to Bench
  • Dr. Miller: RNA targeted therapeutics for ALS
Please join us for Grand Rounds, as we continue our Bench to Bedside series and discuss cutting edge research into therapies addressing ALS and their application at the bedside. We'll be joined by Timothy Miller, MD, PhD of Washington University in St. Louis, lead author on NEJM article discussing targeting of SOD1 messenger RNA to reduce SOD1 levels in the CSF for those patients with ALS due to SOD1 mutation and our very own David Lacomis, MD, Chief of Neuromuscular Diseases in Neurology and a clinical leader in ALS treatment.
2021-02-23Andrew Simpson, PhDC.F. Reynolds Medical History Society Lecture
Linking the Past and the Future: Using Medical History to Understand Current Issues in Health Care
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Please join us for Grand Rounds, as we welcome Andrew Simpson, Ph.D. for our Annual CF Reynolds Medical History Society Lecture. Dr. Simpson is an Assistant Professor of History at Duquesne University and the author of "The Medical Metropolis: Health Care and Economic Transformation in Pittsburgh and Houston." He will be discussing how our medical history informs the current issues we face in health care. We look forward to (virtually) seeing you there!
2021-03-02Brie Williams, MD, MSAging and Dying in Prison: Integrating geriatrics and palliative care into prison reform
One of our major generational challenges is the aging of our population (aging pandemic). A particular challenge is the aging of our large prison population in the U.S. As the number of older prisoners rise, described as the correctional aging crisis, we must address aging, illness and dying in the prison system as well as integration of palliative care and geriatrics into prison reform.
Please join us for Grand Rounds as we welcome Brie Williams, MD, MS, Professor of Medicine at UCSF and a leading investigator focused on health disparities surrounding aging in the criminal justice system.
2021-03-09Amar Kohli, MD
Eloho Ufomata, MD
General Internal Medicine Year in Review
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How has COVID-19 impacted our patients' day to day lives? The pandemic has brought changes in life expectancy, reproduction & contraception (COVID babies), delivery of care with a rapid shift to telemedicine, and pandemic weight gain (Covi-besity). This has been a year of incredible change and innovation for General Internal Medicine physicians and their patients. General Internal Medicine Year in Review will address this and more, so please join us to hear practice changing updates.
2021-03-16Tiffany Brazile, MD
Sikemi Ibikunle, MD
Sophia Knoell, MD
Matthew Nguyen, MD
Daniel (Tuck) Stapor, MD
Resident Research Presentations
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  • Dr. Brazile: Survival of the fattest? Association of BMI and Survival in Patients with Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction
  • Dr. Ibikunle: Knowledge and Attitudes about Genetic Research in Black and White Women with Breast Cancer
  • Dr. Knoell: Hypokalemia Induced Expression of WNK Bodies in Mouse and Human Tissue
  • Dr. Nguyen: A Fbxo48 inhibitor prevents pAMPKα degradation and ameliorates insulin resistance
  • Dr. Stapor: Molecular Correlates and Therapeutic Targets in T cell-inflamed verses non-T cell-inflamed Tumors Across Cancer Types
2021-03-23Bryan McVerry, MD
Georgios Kitsios, MD, PhD
Bench to Bedside
ARDS phenotypes and the microbiome: from bedside to bench and back again
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One of the major complications of the H1N1 and Covid-19 pandemic was severe acute lung injury, also called the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). This common lung injury and inflammation syndrome remains a major cause of ICU admissions, morbidity and mortality.
How do we better stratify patients with ARDS into distinct subgroups in the hopes of better understanding divergent outcomes? What role, if any, does the microbiome play in this process? Please join us for our Bench to Bedside Grand Rounds series given by Bryan McVerry, MD and Georgios Kitsios, MD, PhD as they discuss ARDS phenotypes and the microbiome.
2021-03-30Nancy Spector, MDMoving the Needle: Mentorship, Sponsorship and Allyship
Please join us for our next Grand Rounds, as we welcome Nancy Spector, MD, Vice Dean for Faculty at Drexel University College of Medicine, Professor of Pediatrics, and Executive Director for the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine Program. Mentorship in academic medicine is critical in the development of physicians and scientists, known to accelerate career trajectory, increase productivity, and improve career satisfaction when done well. Additionally, strong sponsorship and allyship is essential on the path toward creating the richly diverse and inclusive environment that we continue to strive for. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Spector as she discusses how to move the needle on mentorship, sponsorship, and allyship.
2021-04-06Ryan Augustin, MD
Andrew Murphy, MD
Thuy Bui, MD
Amar Kohli, MD
Med Ed Debate
The Annual Medical Education Debate: Should Third Year Clerkships Move to Pass Fail?
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2021-04-13 John Reilly, MDLeaders in Medicine
The future of academic medical centers: the journey to scale
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Please join us for our next Grand Rounds, as we welcome back our former Department of Medicine Chairman and current University of Colorado School of Medicine Dean, John J. Reilly, Jr., MD as part of our Leaders in Medicine Series. Dr. Reilly will discuss the future of academic medical centers and the journey to scale.
2021-04-20John Evankovich, MD
Chethan Puttarajappa, MD
Dharendra Thapa, PhD
Special K Club
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Please join us for our next Grand Rounds as we hear from three of our outstanding physician-scientist K grant awardees from within the Department of Medicine as they share their research as part of our Special K Club series.
  • Dr. Evankovich: DAMP's, Drugs, Degradation: Targeting Protein Degradation Pathways that Regulate Innate Immunity in Acute Lung Injury
  • Dr. Puttarajappa: Virtual HLA crossmatch to improve efficiency of kidney allocation and organ placement
  • Dr. Thapa: Understanding the role of lysine acetylation in regulation of cardiac energy metabolism
2021-04-27Katrina Armstrong, MDResearch Day
Unraveling Disparities in Genomic Medicine
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2021-05-04Melissa McNeil, MDLeaders in Medicine
Leading from the Trenches: Strategies for Success
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We welcome and honor our very own Melissa McNeil, MD, MPH for our Leaders in Medicine Series.
2021-05-11 Vlado Perkovic, MBBS, PhDAnnual Donald S. Fraley Memorial Lecture
Evidence based kidney protection in Type 2 Diabetes and beyond
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Please join us for our next Grand Rounds, as we welcome Vlado Perkovic, MBBS, PhD for our Annual Fraley Lecture. Dr. Perkovic is the Dean of Medicine and Health at University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, with research focusing on prevention of kidney disease progression. Here in the US, an estimated 10.5% of the population has diabetes with a prevalence of 25% of those with type 2 diabetes having CKD3-5. Dr. Perkovic will discuss evidence based kidney protection in Type 2 Diabetes and beyond.
2021-05-18Andres Duarte-Rojo, MD, PhD
Jeffrey Dueker, MD, MPH
Asif Khalid, MD
David Levinthal, MD, PhD
Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Year in Review
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  • Dr. Duarte-Rojo: Tele-prehabilitation for liver transplant candidates
  • Dr. Dueker: COVID 19 Impact on Colorectal Cancer Screening: Challenges Ahead
  • Dr. Khalid: COVID 19 and the GI lab: from Zero... to N95
  • Dr. Levinthal: Digital Behavioral Health Interventions for Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
2021-05-25NO MEETING
2021-06-01Aryan Aiyer, MD
Philip Joseph, MD
Health Policy Debate
Pro/Con on public health approaches to CVD prevention
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  • Dr. Aiyer: Traditional Risk-Based Approach to the Prevention and Treatment of ASCVD: An Evolving Model That Works
  • Dr. Joseph: A Polypill Approach to Primary CVD Prevention
2021-06-04 Mark W. Geraci, MDRogers Lectureship
Lung Cancer Chemoprevention: Implications for Early Carcinogenesis
2021-06-08 Martin Steinberg, MD
David Williams, MD
Bench to Bedside
BCL11A and Hb F in SCD/lentivirus vector containing a silencing RNA
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  • Dr. Steinberg: Targeting Fetal Hemoglobin in Sickle Cell Disease
  • Dr. Williams: Clinical Application of Post-transcriptional Silencing of BCL11A
2021-06-15Doug White, MD
Lisa Villarroel, MD MPH
Leaders in Medicine
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  • Dr. White: Equity and the Allocation of Scarce COVID-19 Medications
  • Dr. Villarroel: Equity and Access to Hospital Beds through the Arizona Surge Line
Click here to view/watch August-December 2021 presentations.
2021-09-14Syeda Ahmad, MD
Cary Boyd-Shiwarski, MD, PhD
Renal Year in Review
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  • Dr. Ahmad: Updates in Nephrology: Glomerular Diseases
  • Dr. Boyd-Shiwarski: Nephrology Year in Review: Hypertension, SGLTi, & Precision Medicine
2021-09-21Elise Martin, MD
Graham Snyder, MD
Ryan Bariola, MD
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  • Drs. Martin and Snyder: COVID-19 Update: Staying safe, vaccinations, and the end(?)
  • Dr. Bariola: COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibodies: Modern Twist on an Old Tool
2021-09-28Carissa Low, PhD
Andrey Parkhitko, PhD
Jami Saloman, PhD
Special K Club
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  • Dr. Low: Integrating Mobile Technology into Patient-Centered Cancer Research
  • Dr. Parkhitko: Targeting age-dependent methionine metabolism changes extends Drosophila health- and lifespan
  • Dr. Saloman: Dissecting Pancreatitis Pain to Develop Mechanism-based Interventions
2021-10-05Amy Meister, DO, MRO
Amy Donihi, PharmD
Bench to Bedside
Changing the Curve of Patient Outcome in Diabetes and Obesity Management: GLP-1 receptor agonists & SGLT2 inhibitors
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2021-10-12Crystal Cene, MD, MPH Advancing Equity and Dismantling Structural Racism: the Pen and the Platform
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2021-10-19Rohit Aggarwal, MD
Robyn Domsic, MD, MPH
Mandy McGeachy, PhD
Sebastian Sattui, MD, MS
Rheumatology Year in Review
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  • Dr. Aggarwal: IVIG in Dermatomyositis
  • Dr. Domsic: Tocilizumab in systemic sclerosis related interstitial lung disease: the data behind this new FDA approved indication
  • Dr. McGeachy: Accelerating Medicine Partnership in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus - overview and research findings
  • Dr. Sattui: Updates in Vasculitis
2021-10-26Yimin Chen, MD
Leonidas Diamantopoulos, MD
Joseph Ibrahim, MD
Phoebe Lin, MD
Rachel Pace, MD
Resident Research Presentations
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  • Dr. Chen: Association of Educational Attainment and Cardiac Rehabilitation Enrollment
  • Dr. Diamantopoulos: A New Prognostic Model in Patients with Advanced Urothelial Carcinoma Treated with First-line Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
  • Dr. Ibrahim: Beta Blockers are Associated with Reduced All-Cause Mortality Among HFpEF Patients
  • Dr. Lin: Impact of Prehabilitation on Frailty and Survival in Liver Transplant Candidates
  • Dr. Pace: An asynchronous approach: Teaching Internal Medicine Residents Ultrasound Guided Peripheral IV Placement
2021-11-02Travis Rieder, PhD Tisherman Lecture
In Pain: A Bioethicist's Personal Struggle with Opioids
2021-11-09Taofeek Owonikoko, MD
David Wilson, MD
Antoinette Wozniak, MD
Lung Cancer in the 21st Century
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  • Dr. Owonikoko: Taking the break off antitumor immunity - a new age in lung cancer treatment!
  • Dr. Wilson: Overview, Screening and Early Detection
  • Dr. Wozniak: Lung Cancer: Hitting the Target
2021-11-16Tiffany Carson, PhD, MPH The Weight of Stress and Depression on the Health of Black Women
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2021-11-23Leisha Emens, MD
Priya Rastogi, MD
Adam Brufsky, MD, PhD
Hematology/Oncology Year in Review
  • Dr. Emens: Immunotherapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  • Dr. Rastogi: Large scale trials from the NRG advancing breast cancer care in 2021
  • Dr. Brufsky: Targeted therapies informing breast cancer care in 2021
2021-11-30Shari Rogal, MD, MPH
Mark Snyder, MD
Manling Zhang, MD
Special K Club
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  • Dr. Rogal: Using implementation science to improve care for people with cirrhosis
  • Dr. Snyder: Tissue resident memory T cells in acute and chronic rejection after lung transplantation
  • Dr. Zhang: GCN5L1 enhances cardiac energetics through retrograde regulation of PGC1a transcription
2021-12-07Christine Ritchie, MD, MSPHIt's Time to Reconstruct Dementia Care
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2021-12-14Janet Leung, MDEndocrinology and Metabolism Year in Review


January 4
Holiday - NO MEETING
January 11
Robert Lefkowitz, MD
Leaders in Medicine
A Tale of Two Callings
January 18
Gregg L. Semenza, MD, PhD
Leaders in Medicine/Bench to Bedside
Hypoxia-Inducible Factors in Physiology and Medicine
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January 25
Reza Manesh, MD
Rabih Geha, MD
Leaders in Medicine
The Clinical Problem Solvers / Live Broadcast
with Reza and Rabih
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February 1
Presentation rescheduled for March 1.
February 8
E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD
Leaders in Medicine
(Glucose) Metabolism a Common Soil Linking Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Failure, and Cancer?
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February 15
Riyue Bao, PhD
Jason Luke, MD
Bench to Bedside
Analyzing the T cell-inflamed tumor microenvironment to nominate novel cancer immunotherapy strategies
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February 22
Arnold Meshkov, MD
CF Reynolds Medical History Society Lecture
Catheterization of the Heart: From Self-Experimentation to Angioplasty
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March 1
Elizabeth Trowbridge, MD
Leaders in Medicine
Primary Care, Population Health, and the Great Disruptor: A Journey Through Time
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March 8
Ghady Haidar, MD
Elise Martin, MD
Erin McCreary, PharmD
Watch Presentation
  • Dr. Haidar: Antiviral therapies for COVID-19
  • Dr. Martin: Update on COVID-19 epidemiology especially in our region
  • Dr. McCreary: Shifting landscape of mAbs
March 15
Chinazo Cunningham, MD
Leaders in Medicine
A public health approach to the overdose epidemic: Lessons learned from academia
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March 22
Pranav Jain, MD
Jingxiao jin, MD
Grace Lisius, MD
Carly Sokach, MD
Andy Wu, MD
Resident Research Presentations
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  • Dr. Jain: Preserved EF, Low Gradient Aortic Stenosis: Echocardiographic Findings and Outcomes in Patients Evaluated by Catheterization
  • Dr. Jin: Impact of BMI on immunotherapy outcomes in NSCLC
  • Dr. Lisius: Plasma microbial cell-free DNA is associated with respiratory tract microbial burden, systemic host responses and survival in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 pneumonia
  • Dr. Sokach: Patient Perceptions of Student Empathy: A Feedback Tool for Medical Education
  • Dr. Wu: Disease Severity and Treatment Response in Esophageal Crohn’s Disease
March 29
Emelia Benjamin, MD, ScM
Leaders in Medicine
How do we prevent atrial fibrillation and its complications?
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April 5
Atul Butte, MD, PhD
Leaders in Medicine
April 12
Uri Ladabaum, MD
Gerson Lecture
April 19
Hailey Bulls, PhD
Aditi Gurkar, PhD
Jing Luo, MD
Specil K Club
  • Dr. Bulls: TitleTBD
  • Dr. Gurkar: TitleTBD
  • Dr. Luo: TitleTBD
April 26
Neil R. Powe, MD, MPH, MBA
Research Day
May 3
Alan Fogelman, MD
Leaders in Medicine
May 10
Julie Childers, MD
Jane Schell, MD
Palliative Care Year in Review
May 17
Greg Delgoffe, MD
Yana Najjar, MD
Bench to Bedside
May 24
Darilyn Moyer, MD
Leaders in Medicine
May 31
June 7
Susan Quaggin, MD
Annual Donald S. Fraley Memorial Lecture
June 14
Nancy Brown, MD
Leaders in Medicine

Selected Medicine Grand Rounds presentations can be viewed on the DOM Medical Education Resources website.

Grand Rounds Formats

Special K Klub – Features our star mid-career physician-scientists with K-awards; their work spans the bench to the bedside and represents the best present and future of the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC.

Discovery – Focused on major scientific discoveries and their impact on the future of medicine and health. The process of discovery, including historical background, will be emphasized with a conclusion highlighting future implications in the field.

Specialty Year in Review – Each Division will review hot topics and landmark papers over the past year.

Spotlight Series – Each Division will organize a session focusing on the translation of basic discoveries to the bedside or population. In each session, one speaker will discuss basic or translational research findings and another will focus on the clinical applications of the science.

Leaders in Medicine – The Chief Residents, in collaboration with the Department Chair, will select and invite prominent outside speakers. When possible, additional “meet the professor” or “rock star” sessions will be held for house staff groups.

Named Lecture Series – The Department and individual Divisions support a number of named lectures each year. Organizers from sponsoring Divisions will work with the Chief Residents to select these featured lectureship recipients.

Point – Counterpoint – Two controversial topics are chosen for the annual Health Policy Debate and Med-Ed Debate. These moderated debates between two speakers are among the most popular Grand Rounds of the year.

Senior Resident Talks – The last Grand Rounds of the year is reserved fro two selected senior talks from the graduating residency class. These speakers are selected by a committee within the residency and honored at the Senior Banquet.

In the summer, Grand Rounds is replaced by resident lecture series and intern “boot camp lectures.”

Each Division holds specialty and sub-specialty Grand Rounds presentations.

Specialty and Sub-Specialty Grand Rounds


Cardiology Grand Rounds provides cardiology faculty and staff an opportunity to hear speakers from across the nation discuss current cutting-edge topics that include basic science, translational, clinical, and educational cardiology research.  The Cardiology Grand Rounds Conference is held on Tuesdays at 7:00am.

Endocrinology and Metabolism

The University-Wide Conference (Endocrine Grand Rounds) consists of lectures by external and internal speakers to expose faculty and trainees to cutting edge research and clinical care developments in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, and to increase their basic science knowledge base. Held Fridays at 8:00am.

Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

GI Grand Rounds are lectures by external and internal faculty and case presentations from GI fellows. Held weekly on Wednesdays at 5:00pm.  GI Research Rounds are held weekly, featuring gastrointestinal research presentations from a multidisciplinary lecture core. Held Fridays at 12:00pm.

Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric Medicine Grand Rounds are held on Friday mornings at 8:00-9:30am.


Grand Rounds are held every Wednesday at 8:00am. Different types of cancers are discussed each week, and the meetings are open to physicians, physician’s assistants, and nurses who are interested in cancer research.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds are held on Thursdays at 4pm.

Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine

Pulmonary Grand Rounds lectures are held monthly on Thursdays, 12:00-1:00pm
Sleep Medicine Grand Rounds are held on Thursdays at 4:00pm.


Renal Grand Rounds are held on alternating Thursdays.

Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology

Rheumatology Grand Rounds features a presentation and discussion of the diagnosis and/or management of difficult or interesting cases seen on inpatient consultation service or in the outpatient clinics. A guest speaker from outside the University is invited once a month to speak at the conference. Grand Rounds are held on Fridays at 8:15am.