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The Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology is directed by Neil M. Resnick, MD. Designated a National Center of Excellence by the John Hartford Foundation, the Division’s mission is to enhance the health of older adults by providing excellent clinical care, conducting research to ensure that tomorrow’s care is better than today’s, and training others to do the same. To facilitate these efforts, the Division is actively developing innovative approaches within each area.

Division faculty members are creating innovative care models for older adults in all healthcare settings. These efforts have resulted in the National Committee for Quality Assurance certifying two Patient Center Medical Homes, the “gerontification” of an entire hospital, a novel home care program, and an information technology-integrated approach to nursing home care known as RAVEN (Reducing AVoidable hospitalizations using Evidence-based interventions for Nursing facilities). The $19 million initiative was funded by the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services / Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.

In addition to its designation as a Hartford Foundation National Center of Excellence, the Division of Geriatric Medicine appears in two U.S. News and World Report’s Top 10 Lists: “Best Hospitals” and “Best Graduate Schools.”

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