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We provide both consultative and primary hospitalist care. Optimal geriatric care requires anticipating the medical problems that most frequently affect older adults and preventing them before they occur. Problems that lead to an admission of an older patient are often superimposed on other chronic conditions—and our geriatricians will evaluate and include their assessment into the treatment plan. This will ensure that the new problem—or its treatment—doesn’t make the other conditions worse. The goal is to preserve or improve function, independence, and quality of life, and to do so in a way that incorporates the patient’s values and goals.

Types of Programs:
Hospital-wide Program
This is designed to improve care for all patients through redesigned processes, procedures, and policies, as well as staff training.

These are held for specific services (e.g., trauma, orthopedics), patient types (e.g., high-risk patients of UPMC’s Health Plan), or individuals.

Delirium Prevention
Delirium (acute confusion) can complicate any acute disease and lead to additional complications. We have designed and implemented several programs to reduce the risk of becoming delirious and to manage it when the condition occurs.

Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)  This comprehensive patient-care program ensures optimal care for older adults in the hospital, preventing delirium and loss of functioning. HELP, which began in 2008 at Shadyside Hospital, is led by Drs. Fred H. Rubin MD and Shuja Hassan MD. The program has resulted in savings of more than $7 million per year since it began. (

Our proactive approach has resulted in a substantial improvement in outcomes, including the restoration of function and reductions in   length of stay, complications, and the need for readmissions. Some of the components have also been published (e.g., Marcum, J Am Geriatr Soc.2016;64:653-5 and  J Am Geriatr Soc. 2015;12:2639-41)

We serve several UPMC hospitals, including Magee-Womens, Shadyside, Mercy, and Presbyterian. We offer different programs at each, depending on the needs and the number of our faculty.

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