Geriatricians are physicians who specialize in the care of older adults. We are trained to prevent problems; to differentiate treatable diseases from untreatable changes of aging; to deploy drugs and interventions so that the benefits outweigh the risk; and to optimize people’s function, independence, and quality of life. Because older adults’ needs are so complex, we also work closely with an interdisciplinary team. Finally, we can serve as either the primary care physician or as a consultant.

Our geriatrics faculty is not only one of the nation’s largest, but more than half of our geriatricians have both an MD and a postdoctoral degree. In addition, nearly half are dually-trained in both geriatrics and another medical specialty, enabling them to provide a unique perspective, and 15 have been named as Best Doctors in America.

Older patients who would benefit from a geriatrician include those:

    • for whom the optimal medical approach is unclear
    • for whom the current medical approach is not working as anticipated
    • for whom medical complexity would benefit from added coordination and/or medication review
    • who have a geriatric syndrome, such as delirium, dementia, falls, incontinence, depression, or failure to thrive
    • who are looking for expert input on options for the next phase of care, i.e., home, institutional, or palliative

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