Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Center

The Osteoporosis Center includes both clinical and research programs under the direction of Director Dr. Susan Greenspan.


The Osteoporosis Center is involved in NIH-funded clinical research focusing on osteoporosis in older and frail adults. The research Center staff includes four nurses, two research assistants, a bone density technician, an IRB specialist, an administrator, and Director Dr. Susan Greenspan.

The Center has a Hologic Horizon X-ray Bone Densitometer, fan beam technology and Instant Vertebral Assessment® program, which is designated for research purposes only, provides state-of-the-art DXA-based assessment of body composition and bone mineral density. The densitometer is connected to a Hologic Oasis Workstation, which transmits bone density data to the research coordinator’s office space for viewing or print-out. The densitometer is equipped with a Windows Operating System, Microsoft Windows, and software to perform multiple scan analyses (e.g., paired PA and lateral spine, hip, scoliotic spine, low-density spine, forearm, and Instant Vertebral Assessment®) Trabecular Bone Score Analysis. The center owns a refrigerator for medication storage, 3 -20̊C freezers and 5-80̊C freezers for sample storage, and shares a -80̊C freezer with another investigator for emergency use. The freezers are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week via modem by an outside company.

The Mobile Laboratory Unit has allowed Pepper investigators to enroll frail participants in the community and in long-term care facilities. Such individuals are generally unwilling or unable to come to a clinical center outside of their home environment. The unit is a novel and valuable resource that facilitates research for vulnerable individuals related to our theme. The mobile unit contains a Hologic Horizon Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry Bone Densitometer with fan beam technology, Instant Vertebral Assessment® program and Trabecular Bone Score analysis which is designated for research purposes only. The unit is a Supreme Commercial bus body mounted on a Ford E450 chassis and it is equipped with a wheel chair lift. It contains a scale for weight, portable stadiometer for height, and an EKG. It is equipped for phlebotomy procedures and it houses a centrifuge for onsite sample processing. We have recently added actigraphy and ultrasound assessment of muscle.


There are three physicians and one nurse practitioner that see patients in the Benedum clinic located in Montefiore Hospital, floor 4. The Center focuses on patients with osteoporosis, low bone mass, and other metabolic bone diseases. Clinical dual x-ray absorptiometry is performed in the Benedum clinic using a state-of-the-art Hologic Horizon bone densitometer.

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