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Dr. O’Keefe Leads Study on African Diet to Diminish Colon Cancer Risk

Research led by Stephen O’Keefe, MD, MSc was featured throughout the U.S. and Western Europe in Spring 2015, when his findings on colon cancer diet variance among rural Africans and African Americans were published in the prestigious Nature Communications journal in April 2015. His research, Fat, Fibre and Cancer Risk in African Americans and Rural Africans, explores the power of diet to alter colon cancer risk. Excerpts from his research were discussed in the New York Times, Reuter’s agencies, Huffington Post, Forbes Magazine, NBC News, CBS News, and the BBC, among other signification media outlets. Dr. O’Keefe is a Professor of Medicine with the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, where his research interests concentrate on nutrition support and the gut microbiome.