Bernard (Beej) Macatangay, MD, has received the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) 2018 John Carey Young Investigator Award. The John Carey Young Investigator Award was established to honor the memory of John Carey, MD, by recognizing junior investigators who best exemplify the ideals of the ACTG Network and the qualities exemplified by Dr. Carey.

Awardees are recognized for their significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge about HIV and its complications in the clinic or the laboratory of ACTG-sponsored research through participa-tion on ACTG committees or protocol teams. Awardees demonstrate a cooperative spirit and commitment to service and show intellectual promise and commitment to advance to a leadership position with the ACTG.

Within the ACTG, Beej has rapidly developed expertise in HIV immunology with a particular interest in the role of immunoregulatory pathways in chronic HIV inflammation, HIV persistence, and HIV immunotherapy.