Dimiter “Mitko” Dimitrov, PhD, was recently appointed to rank of Professor of Medicine with tenure. Mitko joined the ID Division in November 2017 as a Visiting Professor of Medicine and Founding Director of the Center for Antibody Therapeutics (CAT).

Dr. Dimitrov is internationally recognized for his work in many areas of basic and clinical research. As Director for the Center for Antibody Therapeutics (CAT), he is responsible for the development and oversight of the Center. His work focuses on identifying new monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) as candidate therapeutics using phage and yeast display as well as to develop novel methods for antibody engineering, and generation of antibody-based candidate therapeutics including antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), bispecific and multispecific antibodies, antibody-based fusion proteins, engineered antibody domains (eAds), and full size antibodies as immunoglobulin G (IgG1s). Under his supervision, the CAT team has identified hundreds of new mAbs and generated many antibody-based candidate therapeutics. Several of the mAbs in IgG1 and CAR formats are in clinical trials and one has been approved for compassionate use.

Dr. Dimitrov is an extraordinarily creative and gifted scientist who has applied his vast knowledge to the clinically important issues, including potentially effective therapeutics against virus infection and cancer. He is recognized worldwide for his expertise in molecular engineering and antibody therapeutics. Dr. Dimitrov serves as Editor-in Chief of the journal Antibodies. He has a remarkable record of achievement as a translational scientist, collaborator and mentor. Dr. Dimitrov is developing and commercializing antibody-based therapeutics to address unmet medical needs. Additionally, he is creating outreach forums, such as speaker programs and annual retreats, and increasing global recognition of the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC as leaders in antibody therapy.

Please join us in congratulating, Mitko!