VMI/HVI Innovator Awards

VMI/HVI Innovator Awards feature collaborations between VMI and HVI faculty members. The projects below represent cutting-edge science and highlight how the synergy between VMI and HVI faculty opens new and exciting areas of research. Below is a list of recently-funded projects:



Partha Dutta, DVM, PhD
Catalin Toma, MD
Role of visceral adipose tissue macrophage apoptosis in insulin resistance after myocardial
Stephen Chan, MD, PhD
Cecilia Lo, PhD
Investigating hereditary TBX5 haploinsufficiency as a genetic cause of PH in congenital heart disease
Enrico Novelli, MD, MS
Liza Villanueva, MD
Novel imaging strategies of cerebrovascular dysfunction in sickle cell disease
Adam Straub, PhD
Prem Soman, MD
A Pilot Study to Assess the Prevalence and Determinants of Global Myocardial Flow Reserve Abnormalities, and Its Association with Impaired Vasoreactivity and the Cyb5R3 T117S Gene variant In African –American Women with Chest Pain Referred for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Cynthia St. Hilaire, PhD
Thomas Gleason, MD
Role Of Mechanical Stress In Ectonucleotidase Activity And Adenosine Receptor Signaling In Calcific Aortic Valve Disease
Iain Scott, PhD
Charles McTiernan, PhD
Adropin: A Potential Treatment for Mitochondrial Metabolic Dysfunction in Diabetic Cardiomyopathy
John Pacella, MD, MS
Patrick Pagano, PhD
François Yu, PhD
Sonoreperfusion for Microvascular Obstruction: Effects of Nox Inhibition
Dennis Bruemmer, MD
Marc Simon, MD
Endothelial Cell Telomerase Function in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Beth Roman, PhD
Stephen Cook, MD
ALK1 signaling in development of superior cavopulmonary anastomosis-associated pulmonary arteriovenous malformations
Sruti Shiva, PhD
David Schwartzman, MD
Relationships between atrial fibrillation and the platelet mitochondrial bioenergetic profile
Marc Simon, MD
Imad al Ghouleh, PhD
The role of EBP50 in right heart hypertrophy and dysfunction in pulmonary hypertension-induced pressure overload
Jeffrey Isenberg, MD, MPH
Guy Salama, PhD
Novel Pathways of Aberrant Ca2+ Dynamics in Heart Failure
Adam Straub, PhD
David Schwartzman, MD
Atrial Fibrillation from an Endothelial Perspective
Joao Cavalcante, MD
Greg Kato, MD
Sleep Disorders, Diastolic Function, and Metabolic Syndrome in Sickle Cell Disease
John Gorcsan, MD
Elena Goncharova, PhD
Quantitative Echocardiography in a Rat Model of Pulmonary Hypertension
Kang Kim, PhD
Edith Tzeng, MD
Ultrasensitive Thermal Strain Imaging to Prevent Unnecessary Carotid Intervention and Strokes
Guy Salama, PhD
David Schwartzman, MD
Ana Mora, MD
Relaxin: A transformative therapy for atrial fibrillation
Marc Simon, MD
Sruti Shiva, PhD
Mitochondrial function in RV failure
Matthew Muldoon, MD
J. Richard Jennings, PhD
Adam Straub, PhD
The role of hemopressin in reversing essential hypertension
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