Cardiovascular Fellowship Training Program

Cardiology Fellow Research Grants

Funds are available on a competitive basis to fund the projects of cardiology fellows during their period of research training.

2022 Awardees
Anna Larosa, MDAssociation of area deprivation index and outcomes in transcatheter aortic valve implantation
Neil Kelly, MD, PhDPulmonary hypertension due to left-sided heart disease
Jared Romeo, DODesign and functional validation of a novel ticagrelor coated stent
Sae Jang, MDIn vivo microbubble biophysical behavior under ultrasound excitation
Tanmay Gokhale, MD, PhDPredicting response to cardiac resynchronization therapy using machine learning
2019 Awardees
Lindsey Cilia, MDJeffrey Fowler, DOLaboratory Developed Test Using Radiometer Hemoglobin Assay to Detect Plasma Free Hemoglobin in Patients on Mechanical Circulatory Support
Daniel Shplisky, MDStephen Chan, MD, PhDPersistent Postoperative Pulmonary Hypertension after Mitral Valve Surgery for Mitral Regurgitation as a Predictor for Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality
Adil Yunis, MDMarc Simon, MD
Alison Morris, MD
Impact of Enteral Microbiome Dysbiosis and Nitrate Metabolism on Biomarkers in Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension
Jonathan Pollock, MDTimothy Wong, MDCardiovascular outcomes in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with elevated troponin and/or myocardial fibrosis on cardiovascular magnetic resonance
2018 Awardees
Laith Alkukhun, MDSamir Saba, MDRole of microvascular endothelial dysfunction in predicting atrial fibrillation recurrence in patients on antiarrhythmic medical therapy
Amy Marino, MDDennis McNamara, MDInvestigating the Link Between Preeclampsia and Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: A Cross Sectional Evaluation of Cardiac Dysfunction in Women with Severe Preeclampsia
Emily Guhl, MD Jared Magnani, MDSocial Determinants of Health and Atrial Fibrillation
Amr Barakat, MDDennis Bruemmer, MD
Samir Saba, MD
Atrial Telomere Length and the Risk of Prevalent and Incident Atrial Fibrillation
Brian Pierce, MDTiffany Chen, MDPulmonary Hypertension in Secondary Mitral Regurgitation: Effects of LVAD Unloading
2017 Awardees
Wei Sun, MD, PhDIdentification, Validation and Functional Study of Long Noncoding RNA RBMS3-AS3 in Idiopathic PH
Malamo Countouris, MDPlacental Malperfusion and Association with Later Life Global Longitudinal Strain and Diastolic Dysfunction
Roy Sriwattanakomen, MDEffect of frailty on ICD placement and outcomes among patients receiving CRT
Dingxin Qin, MD, MScClinical Management of Class III Obesity and AF
Zachary Rhinehart, MDOptimized electronic health record review for ascertainment and characterization of AF
Mourad Senussi, MBBChValidation of carotid and femoral artery Doppler flow-derived cardiac output measurements
Alicia Topoll, MDOutcomes of patients with PAH and palliative care intervention
George Cater, MDQuantitative Assessment of the Extracellular Matrix in a Rat model of PH-HFpEF
2016 Awardees
Stephen D’Auria, MDJohn Pacella, MD, MSSonothrombolysis of Arterial Thrombus utilizing Microbubbles Containing Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA)
Sebhat Erqou, MD, PhDSteven Reis, MDChange in endothelial function and risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes
Michael Genuardi, MDSanjay Patel, MD, MS
Jared Magnani, MD
Stephen Chan, MD, PhD
Cardiovascular outcomes and mortality in patients with obstructive sleep apnea and pulmonary hypertension
Jeff Lee, MDStephen Chan, MD, PhD
Samir Saba, MD
Molecular mechanisms of Pulmonary Vein Endothelial Cells harvested from balloon catheters in the setting of Pulmonary Hypertension
Ahmad Masri, MBBSPrem Soman, MD, PhDEstablishing a patient-care algorithm for screening of cardiac amyloidosis using Pyrophosphate (PYP) scintigraphy
Polakit Teekakirikul, MDCecilia Lo, PhDIdentifying Genetic Etiology of Familial Atrial Septal Defect in a Five Generation Pedigree
2015 Awardees
Robert Baumgartner, MDCatalin Toma, MDThe Microbiological Investigation of Coronary atheRosclerosis in Oral secretions, Blood, Ex vivo thrombus, and Stool (MICROBES) study group
Meshe Chonde, MDJonathan Elmer, MDAttenuation of myocardial dysfunction after cardiac arrest
Andrea Elliott, MDAref Rahman, MD
Harsha Rao, MD
Evaluation of exogenous testosterone therapy on the coagulation profile
Eli Friedman, MDJon Rittenberger, MD
Ron Roth, MD
Aaron Mares, MD
Blood testing of Pittsburgh Marathon runners to determine biomarker levels in both those with CAD risk factors and healthy runners
Amber Johnson, MD, MBASamir Saba, MD
Larissa Myaskovsky, PhD
Understanding and addressing disparities in Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) use at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Manling Zhang, MD, MSIain Scott, PhDMyocardial GCN5L1 and how it protects the heart against pressure overload
2014 Awardees
Sandeep Patel, MDCatalin Toma, MDTo determine whether bacterium play a role in ST-elevation myocardial infarction
Brian Henry, MDRoy Smith, MD
David Schwartzman, MD
To test hypothesis that activated clotting time and Dilute Russell Viper Venom Time are capable of accurately quantifying the degree of NOA induced anticoagulation at normal therapeutic levels as well supratherapeutic levels
Chirag Chauhan, MDShivdev Rao, MD
Conrad Smith, MD
Catalin Toma, MD
Suresh Mulukutla MD
The objective is to focus on interventional cardiology applications of Google GLASS
Gavin Hickey, MDPrem Soman, MDTo evaluate the optimal use of stress MPI in acute chest pain patients with non-ischemic presenting ECG and serial negative biomarkers
Jonathan Holtz, MDJohn Kellum, MDTo augment and refine the current UPMC LVAD database to assess longitudinal association between the RAS pathway and renal function
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