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Research Day 2017

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Poster Awards

Research Day Poster Presenter Awards

MAY 2, 2017 Session B

Bench Graduate Student Research Award

Gerard Hernandez, MSc

Abstract Title:

BACE1: A Novel Player in the Pathogenesis of TH17 Cells in EAE

Mentor:     Mandy McGeachy, PhD

Bench Fellow Research Award

John Evankovich, MD

Abstract Title:

CpG DNA Promotes Lysosomal Degradation of the Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE) through F Box Protein FBXO10mediated Ubiquitination

Mentors:     Rama Mallampalli, MD, and Bill Chen, PhD

Bench Fellow Research Award

Jeremy Tilstra, MD, PhD

Abstract Title:

B Cell Specific TLR9 Is Protective in Murine Models of Systemic Autoimmunity

Mentor:     Mark Shlomchik, MD, PhD

Clinical Fellow Research Awards (Tie)

Benjamin Click, MD

Abstract Title:

Long-Term Risk of Colorectal Cancer after Detection of Adenomatous Polyps

Mentor:     Robert Schoen, MD

Clinical Fellow Research Awards (Tie)

Ahmad Masri, MD

Abstract Title:

Outcomes of Heart Failure Admissions under Observation versus Short Inpatient Stay

Mentor:     Suresh Mulukutla, MD

Clinical Graduate Student Research Award

Jaeyeon Choi, MS

Abstract Title:

A Novel Neutrophil-Specific PET Probe Targeting Formyl Peptide Receptor Type 1: 64Cu-NODAGA-PEG12-cBLCLF

Mentor:     Carolyn Anderson, PhD

Health Services/Clinical Epidemiology Fellow Award

Nathan Shively, MD

Abstract Title:

Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing is Common within a Veterans Affairs Primary Care System

Mentors:     Brooke Decker, MD, and Cornelius Clancy, MD

Medical Education Fellow Award

Sarah Merriam, MD

Abstract Title:

Peer-Review of Videoed Teaching Encounters: A Novel Method for Continuing Teaching Education

Mentors:     Deborah DiNardo, MD, and Melissa McNeil, MD

Translational Fellow Research Award

Georgios Kitsios, MD, PhD

Abstract Title:

Dysbiosis Associated with the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Prospective Cohort Study in Adults

Mentors:     Bryan McVerry, MD, and Alison Morris, MD, MS