The practical outpatient and inpatient rheumatology training is supplemented by formal didactic sessions throughout the fellowship training period. These are comprised of rotations in specific areas, scheduled conferences, and courses.


Inpatient Consultation Service 
Over the course of training each fellow will spend 4 months on “A” service and 4 months on “B” service. The A fellow is responsible for all consults received from  Presbyterian and Montefiore University Hospitals, as well as admitted rheumatology service patients. The B fellow sees all consults received from the other hospitals at the Oakland campus. The fellow is responsible for all rheumatology service patients and functions as a junior attending communicating closely with both house staff and family. Rounds are conducted daily with all service patients and consults on both the A and B service.

This required 1-month rotation during the first year of fellowship provides hands-on experience with commonly performed immunologic studies in the Rheumatology Research Laboratory. The sessions are coordinated by a Research Specialist with years of experience in the detection and characterization of autoantibodies associated with the spectrum of connective tissue diseases. Objectives of this rotation include:

  • To learn the techniques of immunofluorescence and immunoprecipitation
  • To recognize different ANA patterns and correlate these findings with antigen specificity

Elective Rotations
Fellows have the opportunity to set up several elective rotations during their second year of training. These may include rehabilitation, dermatology, pediatric rheumatology, orthopedics or community-based practice. The latter elective affords the trainee an opportunity to experience the salient features of the private practice of rheumatology including economic and billing nuances. Specific learning objectives are individually determined by the coordinated efforts of the Program Director and the elective preceptor.


Rheumatology Grand Rounds (weekly)

The Division hosts weekly Rheumatology Grand Rounds, which consist of a presentation and discussion of the diagnosis and management of difficult or interesting cases seen on inpatient consultation service or in the outpatient clinics. The format consists of a brief presentation followed by a formal discussion of the case by other fellows, full-time faculty, clinical faculty and guest faculty members from other divisions or departments depending on the type of case. The presenter reviews a limited number of relevant articles and provides an instructional hand-out. A guest speaker from outside the University is invited once a month to participate in the Rheumatology Grand Rounds Conference.

Immunology Lecture Series (weekly)

Coordinated by Dr. Penelope Morel and sponsored by the Immunology Program of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, this seminar series provides a forum for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows present their work and  provides a valuable opportunity to develop presentation skills and obtain advice and criticism of their work from the Immunology community. Guest speakers are invited once a month to provide contact with new and exciting research occurring outside the University of Pittsburgh.

Radiology Conference (monthly)

This conference is held monthly to present and discuss interesting, perplexing, and “classic” radiographs seen by Rheumatology service and is led by a radiologist specializing in arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders.

Rheumatology Journal Club (biweekly)

This semi-monthly conference critically discusses current clinical and basic science research articles. Sessions are led by fellows with an assigned faculty mentor providing guidance and additional expertise. Discussion of the topic is oriented with an appropriate background literature review in order to interpret the results of the study, and critically examine the methodology and conclusions reached by the authors.

Molecular Mechanisms of Rheumatic Diseases

Held three to four times per year, this all-day symposium provides a medium for discussion of current or planned projects by members and collaborators of the Division of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology.

Clinical Didactic Conference (monthly)

This lecture series provides monthly exposure to a variety of topics of clinical relevance from the orthopedic perspective and the rheumatic specialty perspective.

Research Integrity Discussion Series

A University mandate requires those involved in biomedical research to attend discussion sessions (3 scheduled throughout the year) related to issues of research integrity and conduct in clinical and basic research. Topics discussed include peer review, mentoring, the use of proprietary information, and scientific misconduct.

PITT-MAC Research Conference (monthly)

This conference provides exposure to basic and clinical research pertaining to arthritis, basic immune mechanisms, and musculoskeletal diseases.


Immunology and Inflammation

First year fellows attend a one month (meets daily) course on the basic and clinical aspects of immunology and inflammation. This course is updated yearly and provides the latest information in the area of immunology relevant to the understanding of the mechanisms of arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

Immunology and Human Disease

Second year fellows attend this semester-long course (M-W-F) to explore the role of the immune system in the pathogenesis of human diseases.

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