Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

 Division of Infectious Diseases

Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Division of Infectious Diseases!

Our faculty, fellows and staff aspire to make our Division one of the top ten nationwide by i) providing state-of-the-art care that is easily accessible by patients, ii) by performing cutting edge research on clinically relevant areas of infectious diseases, iii) by training the next generation of infectious disease physicians, and iv) by implementing programs to protect the public health from epidemic infections.
Our inpatient infectious disease (ID) consult teams round at UPMC Presbyterian University Hospital, UPMC Mercy Hospital, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, and the VA Pittsburgh Health System (VAPHS). Outpatients are seen in our newly-renovated, state-of-the art Center for Care of Infectious Diseases (CCID) located on the top floor (7th) of the Falk Medical Building, and at the UPMC Mercy Center. Our clinical services include general ID, surgical ID, transplant ID, outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy (OPAT), HIV/AIDS Care, HIV Prevention, Travel Health, and Fecal Microbiota Transplant. Telemedicine consults are available for patients at UPMC Northwest and UPMC Bedford with rapid expansion of services occurring across Pennsylvania. 

Through "cutting edge" research our faculty is improving the standard-of-care for treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. Research activities span basic, translational, clinical and epidemiologic research. Major research foci of the ID Division are in HIV-AIDS, transplant ID, antimicrobial resistance, nosocomial and community-acquired infections. Our many research programs offer patients the opportunity to participate in research studies, which improve how we diagnose, monitor and treat infectious diseases.
Our Centers of Excellence in Research offer a highly interactive array of research led by world-class investigators.

  • Our Center for AIDS Elimination (CAE) housed within the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Pittsburgh, serves the population of residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania currently living with HIV and AIDS. Our center provides clinical, educational, and scientific research support for the purposes of prevention, treatment and cure of HIV/AIDS. Through the combined efforts of innovative laboratory methods, cutting-edge translational research, patient care and public health, the Center for AIDS Elimination is diligently working toward the goal of finding better HIV therapeutics and treatment, a functional cure for HIV, and ending the AIDS epidemic. 
  • Our Center for Antibody Therapeutics (CAT) identifies and characterizes novel human monoclonal antibodies (mABs) as candidate therapeutics as well develops novel strategies to increase their safety and efficacy against viruses, cancer and other diseases as well as aging.
  • Our Center for Innovative Antimicrobial Therapy (CIAT) investigates and identifies antimicrobial resistance of clinical concern among gram-negative bacterial pathogens. CIAT’s areas of research include genetic and molecular basis of emerging antimicrobial resistance mechanisms; the rapid diagnosis of resistance utilizing phenotypic, genetic and lipidomic approaches; and, inhibitor-based drug discovery.

We are developing knowledgeable and respected researchers, clinicians and educators through mentoring in our fellowship training program. Medical students and residents also receive rigorous clinical and research training in ID. Division faculty provide exceptional educational opportunities for graduate students, medical students, medical residents and postdoctoral PhD and MD fellows.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We welcome any inquiries you might have about our Division. As we say here, Pitt ID is the place to be!

John W. Mellors, M.D.
Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases
Endowed Chair for Global Elimination of HIV and AIDS
Professor of Medicine